Traditional Media? Or Digital Technology?

Choosing the right media for a project is challenging for every artist. The immense variety of available pigments, papers and applicators can be confusing when searching for the right look for a project. And that's just with traditional media. If you choose to work in digital media it's not any easier to decide among the broad range of software packages designed to emulate traditional media techniques as well as expanding the visual horizon with endless electronic options.

So what is better? Traditional or digital? As usual, the answer to that question is it depends.

I have worked on projects using traditional and digital media and I have reasons for liking both. If the project is particularly inclined toward an original or one off feel then I will opt for hand-drawn, pen and ink or watercolor. If speed, reproducibility or rapid editing are the primary drivers, then a digital medium is most appropriate. I also opt for digital if the project has a particularly modern or technological feel.