The Rundown

I'm a marketing director and a creative director with a passion for quantitative measurement. Most of my career has been spent in B2C marketing organizations where I have identified key performance indicators (KPIs) and then designed marketing and advertising campaigns to target and activate audiences that will increase them.

Creative Foundations With Quantitative Skills

Beginning my creative career as an editorial cartoonist and illustrator, I gradually developed a professional design skill set broad enough to begin doing our advertising planning and most of the production in house. I do illustration work using digital software, pen and ink, watercolor and caricature. I have spent most of my career in marketing for the financial services industry but I've also done neuromarketing and voice of customer research.

Having always had an interest in quantitative research and survey design, several years ago I began studying Six Sigma methodologies and immediately became enthusiastic about DFSS and its potential for application in data collection and analysis throughout a marketing organization.

Currently I am working with a consulting firm that specializes in building rich, qualitative data channels through advisory boards comprised of their key customers.