Television Gallery

Writing, Storyboarding and Producing for Television and Digital Media


Recession Busters:  I wrote and produced these 15-second bumpers for television and digital media outlets. At a time when financial institutions were under fire for restricting access to lending, these spots were designed to increase awareness that Charlotte Metro was actively lending to customers. Created using Adobe After Effects. Voice overs by Jennifer Cudahy.



Jake Delhomme:  I wrote the script for this 60-second spot where former Carolina Panthers' quarterback Jake Delhomme introduced the rebranded Website. Independent filmmakers Joanne Hock and Tony Elwood directed and produced. The blooper reel is golden.



Fee Pig, Coach and Muggsy: I wrote the scripts and co-wrote the storyboards for these 30-second television commercials that were instrumental in Charlotte Metro's successful television advertising campaign. Directed by Joanne Hock and Tony Elwood.



In The News:  I was interviewed by the local ABC affiliate to explain why Charlotte Metro was performing well when so many other financial institutions--locally and nationally--were struggling.


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